‘Lounge’ is an innovative concept that revolutionizes your usual 9-5 office experience. Best suited for freelancers and startups that are looking for exponential growth, 'Lounge' is the perfect place for you to engage with gurus, business people and other companies. A laid-back environment that relies upon comfort and coziness to boost productivity and knowledge-sharing.

We find the best venues and partner with them to offer you great workspaces. Each space has its unique aesthetic and vibe that facilitates creativity and inspiration. With one membership, you will be able to visit any space in our network.

We are unlocking and transforming venue spaces that are untapped during the day. No noisy crowds, no pushy waiters, no cutlery clinging. An entirely professional setting, but with a pinch of coziness and loads of opportunities.


‘Lounge’ associates own restaurants and coffee shops in quite a few popular areas from London. These locations are closed during the day, thus being unaccessible to the public. With an innovative purpose and a community-oriented kind of motivation, 'Lounge' is down to rethink and repurpose private venues.

Focusing on areas such as Shoreditch and East London (e.g. Liverpool Street), we aim to forever change the 9-5 office experience for the Londoners.