About us

We are taking the hot-desk concept to the next level

'Lounge' is an innovative concept that revolutionizes your usual 9 to 5 office experience. Best suited for freelancers and startups that are looking for exponential growth, Lounge is the perfect place for you to engage with gurus, innovators and fellow entrepreneurs. A laid back environment that relies upon comfort and coziness to boost productivity and foster collaboration.

Networking is not about participating in conferences or summits, but about communication and human interaction. We thought there is no better place to freely and informally interact with professionals than a coffee shop fit for this purpose. You have the chance to showcase and improve your work, exceed deadlines, and develop your list of connections.

Our aim is to bring together handpicked professionals from various fields in an environment that is designed to generate opportunities and facilitate business-to-business collaborations. The classic high street office has lost its appeal and has been repeatedly slandered by workspace specialists. But the solution was already out there: lounge spaces refitted to suit the needs of busy professionals.